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Robert's Caving Page

from Fort Payne Alabama

The Heart of TAG

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Hello, and Welcome to my attempt at web page production.

  I feel more comfortable in a dark subterranean chamber than I do in the technologic wonder that we call the world wide web. However, As we succumb to the rigors of old age, and shrinking bank accounts, we seem to spend less time doing what we want to do and more time doing what we have to do.
So let it be with Sir Robert.
  As Jerry Reeves and Marion Smith still manage to trudge along week after week in the karst of TAG country, some of us are left to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

  Oh, but the memories are still alive. The memory of Valhalla early in the morning, with the ghostly mist rising from the depths, carrying with it the thoughts and dreams of all who shared the beauty of the place.

  The memory of Neversink in the winter with nature's frozen wonderland in full array. The memory of long treks thru God's creation hoping to find "The Cave" the one you were the first to see and experience.

  The memory of TAG Cave In's and Sera's past, where new friendships were made, and old ones rekindled. The memory of nights spent on Scottsboro Mountain, Clayton Cove, Jacobs Mountain, Big Coon, Little Coon and on and on and on.

  The memory of the vastness of Jess Elliot, of Camps Gulf, of Fantastic Pit, of Surprise Pit. The exhilaration of being pounded by the water in Guys Cave, in Thunderhole, in Paint Rock River Cave, in Greens Well, in The Sinkhole.

Shall I go on?

  The memory of horrible crawls in Steward Springs, in Falling Springs, in Guffey, in Iron Hoop, where the cave opened up into spectacular rooms, borehole that seemed to go on forever, to fantastic formations unequaled anywhere in the world.

  The memory of big caves, of small caves, of deep pits, of high domes.

  The memory of friends and cave buddies, Jerry Reeves, Lin Guy, Tim Pope, David Lee, Tommy Wright, Marion Smith, Alan Cressler, Mike Rogers, Jack Thomison, Rocco, Jim Smith, Gene Reeves, JV VanSwearigin, Jim Wilbanks, Pat Smith, Butch & Mary Beth Feldhaus, David Teal, Jim Loftin, Smokey Caldwell, Steve Hudson, Diane Cousineau, Jeff Dilcher, Steve Graham, Frank LeClerg, Bill Bussey, Bill Torode, Vertical Bill & Miriam Cuddington, Will Chamberlin.

  Gee there are so many, Jay Clark, Tom Coker, Tim Whitehead, Ira Holt, R.B.West, Roy Davis, Beth Elliott, Dr. John Rice, Teresa Felch, Mitsy Adams, Doug Gentry, Roger Ingram,  Jim Hall, Bill Halliday, Jim Youmans, Doug Yeats, Becky Holden, Pam Stutts, Dave & Valerie Howell, Chris Hudson, Tom Moss, Marvin Jenkins, Jerry Wallace.

  The memories still come, Lamont Brown, Buddy Lane, Shari Lydy, George McCluskey, Tom Moltz, Teresa Williams, Dave Patrie, Gary Phelps, Milton Polsky, A.J.Brown, Russell White and many, many, more whose faces still invade my thoughts and dreams.

  Sure, I may just be am armchair caver today, but in my dreams I still rig my rack and yell "on rope" and bounce yet another of nature's star attractions. Dreams today, maybe reality tomorrow.

Enjoy my memories, I do...........Robert Crumley NSS#25890

Television series "Rescue 911" Moses Tomb Rescue
* File 20 MB Low Res
for High Res version (215 MB) go here

Television series "Code 13" Emily Davis Mobley cave rescue in Lechuguilla
*Large File 48 MB

CBS Television series "High Risk" with Smokey and group in Sinkhole and Mystery Falls
*Large File 95 MB

CNN Special "Caving in the Southeast"
           Filmed at Neversink in May 1991
with: Smokey Caldwell, Robert Crumley, David Teal, Tim Pope, et al

* Large file 52 MB. Download and unzip to play

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TAG Cave Photos

Talk about your angry landowners
Lin Guy in Falling Cave (Balcony Sinks)
Bluff River Cave
Robert Crumley in Neversink
Robert & Jerry Reeves in Neversink at night
David Lee & Lin Guy in Gross-Skeleton Cave
Deborah Guy in Stanley-Carden Cave
Jerry Reeves in Stanley-Carden
Jim Loftin in Natural Well
Lin Guy in Penitentiary Pit
Roger Ingram in Rustys Cave

Tim Pope in Rustys Cave
Myrna Jordan in Guffey Cave (Spires of Guffey)
Robert Crumley in Valhalla
Tim Pope & Robert Crumley at Tag Fall Cave In
Green's Well
Bluff River
NAG Well
Me On Rope In Neversink
The Attic, Fantastic Pit, Ellison's
Register at bottom of Fantastic Pit
Me with Paul Petzl (owner of Petzl) going Canyoning
Always know where you are!

Cave Photo Pages

Robert Crumley Photos
Trenton Well
Stephens Gap
Easter Triple Pit
Falling Springs
Iron Hoop
Stanley Carden
Steward Springs
Bluff River Cave

Jerry "Old Rockeater" Reeves


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Photos left to right: Robert Crumley climbing out of Neversink, David Lee in Gross-Skeleton, Myrna Jordan in Guffey, Jerry "Old Rockeater" Reeves in Stanley Cardin's NAG  entrance (click on photo to view in full screen.)

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